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Individual Therapy
Identity Exploration Focus

“Do I live my life according to my own deepest truths, or in order to fulfill someone else’s expectations? How much of what I have believed and done is actually my own and how much has been in service to a self-image I originally created in the belief it was necessary to please my parents?”

Gabor Mate

Girl Hiking in Mountains

We all hold a multitude of identities. Some of which were handed down to us from our families of origin, acquired throughout the course of our childhood while others are carefully selected, intentionally curated. Without time, experience or a witness to help us reflect, we can find ourselves struggling to understand who we are, what drives us, why what we are connected to. 

Types of identities you may be interested in exploring:


Sexual Orientation


Parent of young children


Child of an aging parent






When I work with clients to explore their identities, I take a warm, nurturing and curious stance. We will take the time to get to know the different pieces of you that make up the sum of you. To do this, may will look into your past and perhaps into your family's past. We will ask lots of questions about how certain identities or pieces of you were accepted and reinforced or devalued and hidden from view. In this way, you will better understand yourself, your reactions and actions. 

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