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Attachment-Focused Couples Therapy

"When you pick a partner, you pick a story. So what story are you going to write?"

Esther Perel

Couple Holding Hearts

As much as we would like to believe that we enter into a new relationship, a partnership, a marriage as a blank slate, free to create the type of relationship we have always dreamed of, it is not quite so simple. We carry with us the ghosts of past relationships with us including our very first, formative relationships with our families of origin. These inform how we relate to our partner(s) in ways that we do not always realize. 


Within your relationship, you may be experiencing:

Over-thinking, ruminating over what you said or should have said in a heated moment

Acting out in ways that you are not proud of but can’t seem to stop

Longing for the way you used to be with your partner

Frequent arguments, seeming to simmer and erupt too often for your comfort

Apathy, distance, avoidance of intimacy



My ultimate goal when approaching couples therapy work is to support you and your partner in reflecting on what each of you bring to the table. If we can increase you and your partner’s understanding of each other and the dynamics that exist between you then we can then better address the issues that are at play. 


Couples therapy is a process that begins with learning who you are as individuals and as a couple within the contexts of your upbringings, family, and community. We then will work to identify patterns and internal dynamics that are contributing to your current issues with your partner. Finally, we will deepen your understanding of one-another, making space to choose new behaviors and create new patterns that will inspire the change you crave.

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