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Clinical Supervision

For associate therapists (AMFT, ASW, APCC) in need of quality clinical supervision that cannot be obtained through their primary workplace, I would love to provide support. I have been providing individual, triadic and group supervision within County Mental Health and Private Practice for the past 4 years. I believe strongly that the therapist is their own best resource. The therapist's job is to hold their client and the clinical supervisor's job is to hold the therapist.

Therapy Closeup

Reflective Coaching

For fellow therapists or mental health professionals who are seeking to further their own reflective practice, I offer reflective coaching sessions. I completed a six-month certification with Drs. Kristie Brandt and Dr. Bruce Perry on using the Neurosequential Model in Reflection and Supervision (NMRS). I use this framework to support therapists in doing a deeper dive into how they provide therapy and how this provision impacts them. Please note that I do not use my license as an LMFT to provide coaching sessions.

For more information on NMRS:

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