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Gender-Affirming Surgery Letters

As much as I wish we were no longer in a place where you need to meet with a licensed professional in order to seek or obtain the gender affirming procedure that you know is right for yourself, I understand that this is not currently the way the healthcare system is set up. 

I am able and willing to support you by writing a letter for gender-affirming care following WPATH guidelines. You do not need to engage in ongoing therapy to obtain this letter. I am able to provide this service for free to two folks per month. Please reach out to schedule.

Image by Cecilie Johnsen

In a previous professional life, I managed a program specifically for LGBTQ+ with a large population of transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse clients. As a cishet person, I approached this position with immense humility and put on my learning and listening hats. I sought intensive training and consultation with gender-diverse therapists (and continue to do so) on how best to support LGBTQ+ folks. I grew to have a strong passion in providing support to this deeply-respected community and writing free letters is one way to give back.

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